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Frightening Scenes on Vampire Diaries


February 8, 2012 by admin

I never thought I would admit this, but Vampire Diaries gave me fright last night. I have been watching the complete first season of Vampire Diaries for a few days now and last night I witnessed some creep-tastic, blood sucking moments. I was watching episode 6 “Lost Girls” when Stefan reveals the truth to Elena and as the episode is focusing on the trust of their relationship it is also focusing on Damon, who is locked in the basement. I don’t want to give too much away, but let me just say, by the end of the episode someone joins Stefan, Damon and the rest of the undead.

I’ll be honest though, every time one of the vampires feed off a human I get freaked out. But it’s a good freaked out. I want to keep watching, it’s just that when one of the brothers bite, I never expect it.

Vampire Diaries has it all: hot vampires, drama, relationships, action, and frightening moments. I especially enjoy having the complete first season because of the bonus content. There is a special feature called “The Vampire Diaries: Vampires 101 – The Rules of the Vampire” where they tell us all the rules for the vampires.

Admit it, have you ever been freaked out by Vampire Diaries? What are your favorite blood sucking scenes? Comment below!

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