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Gossip Girl Hookups


February 8, 2012 by admin

The Complete Third Season of Gossip Girl is loaded with hookups, love triangles, and the hottest couples.  When it comes to relationships, along with most Gossip Girl fans I am a Chuck and Blair fan or as we the true fans call them “Chair”. Chuck and Blair are one of Gossip Girls hottest couples.

Love triangles on Gossip Girl are about as popular as Channel on Gossip Girl. My favorite love triangle is between Dan, Serena, and Vanessa. Serena and Dan have major romantic history, but there is just something there between Dan and Vanessa. It could be that they are best friends, have tons of chemistry, and that they both have admitted at different times that they are in love with each other.  Like in episode 12 “The Debarted” after a near-death experiences Dan realizes that he has feelings for Vanessa. But then in the season finale that “major romantic history” between Serena and Dan comes back into play in episode 22 “Last Tango, Then Paris” when Dan offers a kind shoulder to Serena and their romantic history resurfaces.

I love having The Complete Third Season of Gossip Girl because I get to watch my favorite scenes of my favorite love triangles and because of the special features. The gag real and extra scenes are entertaining and exciting.

Who are your favorite couples, love triangles and hookups? Comment below. XoXo WeHeartTV

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