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Gossip Girl’s Hottest Styles


February 8, 2012 by admin

Fashion on Gossip Girl is even more popular than love triangles. The characters are always wearing the hottest trends and the most popular high end fashions. Every character has their own special fashion sense whether it’s Jenny’s rocker style or Vanessa’s Bohemian style, they always look great. Out of all the characters on Gossip Girl my favorite fashion moments come from the one and only Chuck Bass. And only Chuck could pull off the “I’m Chuck Bass look”.  From robes, to bow-ties, to suits he is always well dressed. I love all of his suits he wears and one of my favorites is the one in this clip, but my favorite Chuck Bass suit is in episode 12 “The Lady Vanished”.  In this scene, his suit is so well put together, from his handkerchief to his shoes.

Gossip Girl is loaded with opera’s, balls, weddings, and parties. And when there is a special event it means everyone will be wearing the hottest fashions.  My favorite event during the third season was Dorota’s wedding. I love the dress Blair wears to her wedding in episode 18, “The Unblairable Lightness of Being”.  Blair always looks so vintage and amazing. All the couples dress so nicely and Chuck and Blair make the best dressed couple hands down.

Gossip Girl is the go to show to see the latest trends and hottest fashions. No matter what your style is you can always find one character that has a piece of clothing that would go great with your style. Who do you think is the best dressed character on Gossip Girl? What are your favorite pieces? Comment below! XoXo WeHeartTV

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