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Love and Liars


February 8, 2012 by admin

Pretty Little Liars (PPL) is all about loving that one person society tells you not to love. Whether it is someone who is five-years older than you, someone of the same sex, or even someone from a different class than you, it’s okay to just love them.

My favorite relationship tests the waters of social class and love. It is between Hanna and Lucas. Right now it hasn’t transformed into a romance or anything, but I love their friendship and I love the idea of their future love for one another. They became better friends in episode 8, “Do Talk about Me When I’m Gone”.  Lucas helps Hanna sell her expensive jewelry and handbags online. I won’t spoil anything, but it is interesting to find out whether or not the social class of Lucas will draw Hanna away from him.  During this episode they become better friends and Hanna starts to see Lucas in a different way. She sees him as more than the nerdy guy with the camera. He becomes a person to her and he slowly becomes her friend.

Sometimes people we wouldn’t put in our personal circle are put into our lives for a reason. A reason we are not sure of.  If we give them a chance they might be the love of our lives or they might be our new best friend.  It is our personal choice to give them a chance when society won’t.

What is your favorite relationship from the first season of PLL? You can pre-order the 1st season of Pretty Little Liarshere:

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