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Visitors are Welcome!


February 8, 2012 by admin

The Visitors almost bring an entire new world with them.  They arrive promoting peace and unity and they also bring a curious eye to the townspeople.  They divide communities and are topics of group discussions.  I have even had a group discussion with my family and friends.   While watching the ABC series, V, I got my family intrigued.  So I showed them   We started discussing what we had just seen.   I asked them how they would feel if Visitors came to our community, what they would do, how they would react.  My friend said “I have a choice; I would be friendly because I wouldn’t know if the Visitors were good or bad.   And I would want to find out, just for curiosity.”   Someone else said, “I would be frightened because the Visitors scare me.”

My dad said he would be, “Accepting because Visitors are supposed to be more intelligent and more loving than us.  “ At that moment I looked around I smiled because my entire family was crowded around watching extra videos at, we were laughing, and talking.  And for that moment we were united and it turns out the Visitors brought my family together.

My family was so intrigued by the show I bought them The Complete First Season of V on DVD for Christmas.  Which is  perfect timing because they now have enough time to catch up on the first season before the Seasons 2 of V premieres on Tues, January 4 9/8c on ABC.

How would you feel if Visitors made your community their new home?  Would you be excited to meet them, welcoming, or distant?  Please discuss below.

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote V: The Complete First Season on DVD. You can purchase a copy here:


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