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The Secrets of Pretty Little Liars


March 3, 2012 by admin

I love anything and everything “behind the scenes”. Luckily, Pretty Little Liars: The complete First Season on DVD is packed with extra footage.  I really like to learn about the cast, how they came into play, and weird quirky things that make that actor just right for their character. “The Making of Pretty Little Liars” was my go to extra to get the information I wanted. The crew talks about how the cast got their roles and the cast talks about how their audition went and why they wanted to play those characters.

Sets are a magical place. Especially on TV shows. You’re with the same people all the time and eventually they become like your family.  Sometimes you learn new things from each other you never knew. Fortunately, on the extra footage “Little Secrets” the cast received cameras to document secrets around the set. I loved watching how close all of the actors are and I enjoyed learning things as they also learned secrets from their cast mates.  It was really fun to watch their day to day schedule and hear their secrets.  For example, Ashley Benson revealed she can memorize lines really fast. She doesn’t even look at the lines the day before because she can memorize them in ten minutes.

If you love Pretty Little Liars then you will love this sneak peak of what is included on Pretty Little Liars: The Complete First Season: Not enough? Order your copy of the Pretty Little Liars Season One on DVD here today: !

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