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Vampire Diaries: Who is Nibbling on Whom?


March 4, 2012 by admin

Bites and love equals drama, but when you watch The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Second Season on DVD, you get even more than drama, you get bonus features.  I can never complain about watching the “Special Features” on the Complete Second Season on DVD because they are so informative to the obsessed TVD fan. You get to watch the secrets of the set and hear how the actors really feel about their work. What’s not to love?

As always, the “Gag Reel” is hilarious, I always find joy in the beautiful actors messing up because they suddenly seem real to me. Surprisingly, the bonus feature “The Perfect Love Triangle: Vampires, Werewolves, Witches: Find out Who’s Nibbling on Whom” became my instant favorite. It includes the actors and producers trying to figure out exactly what the title states, Who’s nibbling on whom? It gets confusing, but it is fun to try and figure out the relationships.  Want to see what I’m talking about? Order your copy of  The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Second Season on DVD/Blu-Ray here today: !

What is your favorite bonus feature? Comment Below.

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Second Season on DVD/Blu-Ray.


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