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Power of the Intersect


April 30, 2012 by admin

Friendships are a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes you spend too much time together and you need a break from each other. When you finally reunite, your friend starts acting weird. Maybe they have a new style or they have picked up on some new lingo like “totes” or “whatevs”. They start dropping names of famous people they “know” that can get you into that club they go to every night. And all of a sudden they only start hanging out with you when it’s convenient for them. I call this the douchebag syndrome. In episode of 3 of Chuck Season 5, Chuck experiences a similar situation with his bestie Morgan. After Morgan experiences some side effects of the intersect, it leaves Chuck wondering why his oldest friend is acting obnoxious and petulant. Want to see how Chuck resolves his problem? Order Chuck: The Complete Fifth Season on DVD/Blu-Ray here:


I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘Chuck.


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