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Chuck Season 5: One Magical Kiss


May 17, 2012 by admin

There are a lot of strong feelings towards the final episode of Chuck.  Some hated the ending, others loved it. It ends as the married Sarah and Chuck sit by each other at the beach. They reminisce and share one final kiss, the scene fades to black. Some say that the “one magical kiss” kick started Sarah’s memories. Others think it will just take time or they will have to start over. I honestly have no idea. It’s nice to think that the one kiss was magical and will fix everything. Maybe Chuck and Sarah are that in love, that the kiss can change everything. Hopefully it does. It’s nice to think about.

To me, the series ends “happily ever after” no matter what. Even if Sarah’s memory doesn’t surface, her and Chuck can create new one. In the end they still love each other. Comment Below.

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